Payroll is a crucial aspect of any business whether it’s a start-up or an already established business. It has to run smoothly, flawlessly, be flexible, and integrate with other systems. Make My Day CPA offers two options for processing payroll either within the accounting platform Xero or with CustomPay, a full-service payroll bureau.

Processing payroll through an online platform usually helps an entrepreneur with automation as well as accurate and timely filing, but a full-service payroll company actually walks you through each payroll if necessary, calls to remind you about payroll submission, helps with calculations and estimations, sets new employees and processes terminations, assists with setup and recordkeeping of various deductions, helps with workers’ compensation audits, helps you handle certified (for government contractors) payroll, and much more..

In addition, to traditional payroll services, Make My Day CPA is dedicated to providing professional, cost-efficient service in the following areas for payroll clients:

  • Business owner distribution and compensation planning
  • Integrating workers’ compensation insurance with payroll to completely eliminate audit adjustments
  • Planning and setting up employee benefits programs
  • Preparing employee manuals

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