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When information today is available everywhere and almost anything can be done online, people have become a lot more self-reliant and independent. Looking for answers online is rewarding, but when it comes to knowing that an incorrect answer could have caused a loss of thousands of dollars in lost deductions or penalties, it pays to seek an alternative to just yourself. Make My Day CPA offers cost-efficient service, allowing you to prepare tax returns “do-it-yourself” style by paying only a small hourly fee for the use of the workstation while getting the most out of the software tools and professional accounting assistance for free. If you have a tax question that cannot be answered on the fly, a CPA will be available to help for as little as $45 for a 15-minute consultation. Reserve a private session at one of our smart workstations now.

Most Make My Day CPA customers file their taxes themselves with assistance from our experts, paying just $29.95.

What can I do myself at Make My Day CPA?

  • Prepare an individual tax return, e-file it, and print out copies.
  • Scan all paper receipts with image recognition equipment and organize them in digital form.
  • Work in the Xero accounting system to prepare financial statements.
  • Use financial calculators to assist you with personal bookkeeping and accounting tasks, such as preparing budgets, calculating buy vs. lease, calculating mortgage expenses, estimating your social security retirement benefits, and much more.
  • Use PRINT and COPY, using the latest technology equipment for brochures, flyers, calendars, and much more.
  • Buy cool office supplies.

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