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Boris Foxman. July 20th 2022

Maryland Property Tax – Exemptions for Business Personal Property

SDAT Raises Business Personal Property Exemption From $2,500 TO $20,000 BALTIMORE, MD. The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) today announced that HB268, which raises the exemption from personal property assessment for all Maryland businesses from $2,500 to $20,000, has taken effect. This legislation will save 14,217 businesses from paying taxes on $44.2 million in assessment, and is an extension of HB90, which SDAT sponsored in 2018 and exempted 28,493 businesses from $10.8 million in assessment.

Boris Foxman. January 19th 2021

Keys to Business Start-Up Success

Are you preparing to build a successful business? Do you have a great business idea and want to become a CEO of your own company?

November 24th 2020

Medical Transportation Services Affected by Pandemic

C.P.R. Medical Transportation Services, LLC is an independent non-emergency Medical Transportation Enterprise serving the DC Metro Area. CPR has over a decade of experience in quality transportation services including shuttles on the fixed and flex routes, and paratransit services.

October 27th 2020

Local Foodie Hangout Defies Odds During Pandemic, with The Help of Make My Day CPA

An estimated 50% of restaurants in the metropolitan area were severely affected or closed by the downturn of the economy during the covid-19 pandemic. For a local DC metro, Washington Post Top 10 -list local food establishment in McLean, the 2020 changes poised a huge threat.

Boris Foxman. August 31st 2020

6 not so simple steps to register a nonprofit

In forming a nonprofit corporation, there is an extra step necessary that creating a regular corporation doesn’t need. Nonprofits are tax-exempt at both the federal and state level. Here are the basic steps needed to set up your nonprofit organization:

Boris Foxman. August 8th 2020

Operating a “Pandemic School Pod”

The 2020-2021 school year is expected to be almost fully virtual for many students. To help students thrive in these trying times, many parents form small study groups to help supervise and educate their children, while limiting social contact and the spread of infection. These study groups are commonly referred to as “Pandemic School Pods.” Our tax and accounting practice, Make My Day CPA, has been receiving numerous questions from clients which we want to share with you to help you on this journey.

Boris Foxman. August 4th 2020

Looking for a tax advisor? Need accounting advice for a start up?

Starting a business used to be a form of art. Now, it looks more and more like science. The amount of information available on the internet for people interested in starting a business is massive, and can certainly be helpful if you are researching or validating an idea, a concept, or a method. Researching ideas on the internet can be complicated by fake websites, fake information, fake statistics, so finding trusted sources, trusted advice, and trusted consultants is exceptionally valuable. When the world is as fast as it is, everyone, especially business people, need to get answers that affect their decisions quickly.

Boris Foxman. June 23rd, 2017

Tax Changes: Meals & Entertainment

If you’re anything like the majority of Americans, you’ve heard mumbles of tax reform that was pushed through Congress at the tail end of 2017. Now that 2018 is halfway gone, those mumbles will steadily increase in volume until they grow to be raucous roars, signaling the dreaded arrival of tax season 2019. We get it. Tax law is no one’s idea of recreational reading. Even if you bravely attempt to wade into the ocean of information that is available online, neutral sources are hard to find, and easy to understand explanations are even tougher to come by. That’s where we come in.

Boris Foxman.

Small Contractors Mean Big Bucks To the IRS

The economy is getting stronger, and construction job growth is on the rise, according to news from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), published on June 2, 2017. Small construction companies are sprouting like new apple trees, and tax agencies just love that kind of low-hanging fruit. Easy pickins mean easy tax revenue.

Boris Foxman.


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