Entrepreneurs (perhaps you have a start-up) and established small-business owners certainly need the assistance of an experienced accountant to ensure that their business functions as it should. This person may be a business accountant or a tax accountant, but their services are essential for having a successful business. The essence of accounting goes far beyond simply keeping accurate financial accounts. In today’s highly competitive world, accountants help manage accounting and bookkeeping systems, track financial performance and compare it to benchmarks, help prevent loss from fraud and embezzlement, and guide clients through potential tax reduction and growing compliance requirements.

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) at Make My Day CPA are available for either a consultation in 15-minute increments for any walk-in customer or for a project involving various layers of accounting service.

Being accustomed to serving many industries, Make My Day CPA offers cost-efficient service and always has an experienced accountant available who will ask clients pertinent questions about their business before taking on any work. Every business is different as are required accounting services that may include but not be limited to the following:

  • Financial reporting and benchmarking
  • Accounting and bookkeeping systems for small businesses
  • Accounting for federal, state, and local government contractors
  • Accounting policies and procedures
  • Defining nexus for state sales and income tax and income allocation

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