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Make My Day CPA advisors greet you at one of our storefronts when you are contemplating self-employment or taking your business to the next level.

Our welcoming CPA stores are conveniently located and available for you to walk in with questions.

When you are ready to expand, have the infrastructure to provide accounting technology, payroll, and employee benefits, and address complex interstate and international tax issues.

Our Story

There’s something to be said about a moment of epiphany. That sudden strike of clarity that might as well be a bolt of lightning because a true epiphany leaves you buzzing.

As you might have guessed, the latter applies to us here at Make My Day CPA. We started out as a typical CPA firm, functioning in the traditional sense. Make no mistake, there was nothing inherently wrong with this approach. If we were to describe our earliest years in one word, it would be growth. Our clientele grew rapidly and so did their businesses. As those businesses grew in age, size, and overall productivity, it became rather obvious to us that we’d have to do some growing of our own in order to keep up with their ever-changing needs.

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So, we did just that. From our very own payroll platform to employee benefits, and professionals well-versed in specialized tax situations, our suite of services expanded and eventually created a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ accounting needs. Over time, we were able to tweak and fine-tune individual interfaces to enhance the overall experience of our clients, all the while keeping costs in check.

Even then, we felt that growth remained imperative. We were determined to grow not only with our clients’ businesses but with their changing lifestyles. We shifted ourselves out of tall, stuffy office buildings and into convenient, right-in-the-heart-of-your-neighborhood locations. We shaped an atmosphere that invites our clients to pop in unannounced, confident that any questions they might have will be addressed on the spot. In our opinion, growth isn’t just about net worth. It’s about equipping our clients to become better business owners, through education and ridiculously easy access to support whenever they need it. Make My Day CPA isn’t the result of a single flash of insight. Even better, it’s the result of countless individual realizations culminated into the best possible accounting experience we could hope to offer our clients.

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Make My Day CPA Professionals Team

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of financial experts, focused on helping people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. With a shared passion for business ownership, our team of trusted advisors, help clients build sustainable and profitable business within their communities.

Are you ready to make an impact and share your expertise? Check out our open positions!

About us

Our clients don’t like stuffy offices and neither do we. That’s why we have created casual workspaces located in the heart of our local communities, making it convenient for our clients to stop by, ask a question or talk through a challenging situation.

Driven by a passion to help entrepreneurs build and grow successful businesses, our team is highly invested in building personal relationships with each of our clients. As trusted advisors, we can help our clients optimize their business and avoid potential obstacles, ultimately relieving them of their financial management stress, so they can focus on growing their business.

Working with Us

Working with Us

Like our business model, our culture is unique as well.

Here is a snapshot of how we work and the values that drive our culture:

We lead with customer service.

We fuel the entrepreneurial spirit.

We grow with our clients.

We are dedicated experts.

We enjoy solving puzzles.

If these values resonate with you, check out our culture guide to learn more: Our Culture Guide

Taking Care of Our People

We know when people are well supported (great benefits), encouraged to always be learning (continuing education) and do meaningful work, it positively effects all aspects of their life and the lives around them.

Here are a few of the ways we support our employees: