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Make My Day : A Better Way to CPA

Introducing Make My Day CPA, an entirely new and better way to prepare and file taxes, start a new business and handle bookkeeping, and hire an accountant and customize employee benefits. Make My Day is an open, inviting space designed to make your time as efficient and productive as possible, whether you need a little help or a lot. You can come in without an appointment and complete your tax return with all the help you need for as little as $29.95.

Your visit starts with a friendly welcome from a qualified accountant who’ll show you to a workstation and get you started or take you directly to a professional CPA, depending on your tax, accounting, or other financial needs. If you start on your own and decide you need help from a CPA, one is available to guide you.

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Feeling like you can do it yourself? Our workstations are loaded with helpful tools to help you take control of your personal finances. And as always, our trained professionals are only a step away to help answer any questions you might have. So come by and get started - we will make your day! For rates starting as low as $29.95 an hour, our "little help" comes with a whole lot of services including:

Financial Workstations

Use our state-of-the-art kiosk to:
  • File your personal taxes
  • Open and register your business
  • Employ turnkey accounting solutions take control of your personal finances


Stumped with a tax issue or have specific questions? Sometimes it only takes a few dedicated minutes with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members to point you on your way. Just walk over to our front desk and request an individual session - No schedule is needed! For rates starting as low as $45.00, our "more help" includes all of our basic services plus a dedicated session with a tax professional. Financial Workstations, Printing Services and Business Supplies. Plus, you get all the benefits below:

Dedicated Session with a Tax Professional


Experienced tax and accounting professional will unpuzzle any issue for the customer with consultations broken down by 15-minute increments ($45). We do it so well that most of our self-employed and small business customers spend less time and money searching for answers


Make My Day CPA is a full-service accounting firm ready to help you with your most complex tax and accounting needs. If you need "a lot of help," you came to the right place! A Dedicated Account Representative will be assigned to you and will perform a detailed, up-front analysis of your needs to ensure that every aspect of your situation is addressed. From international tax issues to HR, payroll, and benefit management, we offer one of the broadest spectrums of services in the industry. Financial Workstations, Printing Services and Business Supplies. Plus, you get all the benefits below:

Dedicated Account Representative

  • A detailed multi-point analysis of your needs:
  • Accounting services
  • International tax issues
  • Payroll set-up and maintenance
  • Employee benefit programs
  • HR support services


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